Episode 12 - Photography with Pat Redmond

##_Fresh Paint_news from the hobby

Morgan auto detail resin caster? Front end for d100 Morgan Automotive Detail - Source for your Resin Cast Automotive Model Deatils

Salvinos JR Buddy Baker Circus Circus sponsored Monte Carlo should be out now as well. Home | Salvinos JR Models

Moebius Updates:

2 products are currently ‘on the water’ and EXPECTED to be available early to mid May.

First will be the Moebius release of the 65-66 Ford pickups will be the 66 Flareside (AKA Stepside)

Moebius Ford 1966 F-100 Flareside

Second is the Model King Dyno Don Nicholson 65 Comet Cyclone A/FX Drag car.

Model King 1965 A/FX Mercury Comet Cyclone

Model King 1965 A/FX Mercury Comet Cyclone

Next up is the Model King exclusive 1965 Ford F-100 Service truck. Expected to be available Mid to late June.

Model King 1965 Ford F-100 Service Truck

Moebius is showing a mocked-up product still in development, the modern 48 foot spread axle flatbed trailer and they would REALLY like to see this available by the end of 2019.

Moebius Models 48 Foot Spread Axle Flatbed Trailer

Detroit Area Auto Modelers 20th Motor City Madness had over 1500 paid admission through the doors on March 31. 360 model entries.

Detroit Area Auto Modelers - Home | Facebook

NNL East - April 27th?

NNL East Table of Contents

Shizuoka Hobby Show coming up in early May - prerelease info available:


Nunu Audi R8 LMS - $33 USD - Looks interesting. Never heard of them.

Aoshima - modern Toyota C-HR - in 32nd scale?? New trend?

Aoshima Toyota Taxi (Japan) looks interesting. 24th scale - $26USD.

Revell - Funky Bot’s for kids - new Revell Control brand.


Section: Box Stock - Model Car Photography

  • Challenges
    • Focus
    • Depth of Field
    • White Balance
    • Background
  • Lighting
    • What do you use?
    • Home?
    • Challenges?
    • show lighting for studio shots,
  • Photo box
    • What is a photo box pat’s box for notes
    • Why use one/
    • building a photo box for home use,
    • Things to consider
      • Inexpensive fabric boxes on amazon
      • More expensive light tables
  • Gear
    • What type of camera?
      • Phone
      • Micro 4/3
      • SLR
      • Digital versus film
    • Tripod
    • Timer
    • Grey card
  • Techniques
    • Where to focus
    • Lighting - diffuse shadows
    • Colour balancing
    • Avoiding background noise
  • Post Processing
    • What do you do?
      • Ifanview
    • Shoot in RAW vs JPG
    • Adobe Lightroom workflow

Pat Redmond:

Pat Redmond | Facebook

John Dezan


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