Episode 14 - Catching Up

Episode 14 - Catching Up

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Fresh Paint: News from the hobby

Thanks to Model Roundup for thier excellent email summary!

Revell Ford GT Le Mans https://www.modelroundup.com/Ford-GT-Le-Mans-2017-Race-Car-p/rmx-4418.htm

AMT Hydraulic Lift: https://www.modelroundup.com/Get-On-Up-2-Post-Hydraulic-Lift-Garage-Accessory-p/amt-r2-pp-017.htm

AMT Autocar Dump Truck https://www.modelroundup.com/Autocar-DC-9964-B-Dump-Truck-p/amt-r2-1150.htm

MPS 67 GTO - Weekend Warrior - July https://www.modelroundup.com/1967-Pontiac-GTO-weekend-warrior-Race-Version-p/mpc-r2-918.htm

Subaru Brat - June https://www.modelroundup.com/product-p/amt-r2-1128.htm

AMT 77 Ford Pinto - July https://www.modelroundup.com/1977-Ford-Pinto-p/amt-r2-1129.htm

AMT 63 Impala 4 in 1- July https://www.modelroundup.com/1963-Chevy-Impala-SS-Hardtop-p/amt-r2-1149.htm

Coke 1953 F-100 truck (July) w diecast coke machine and dolly https://www.modelroundup.com/1953-Ford-F-100-Coca-Cola-Pickup-p/amt-r2-1144.htm

Willys coca cola gasser pickup https://www.modelroundup.com/1940-Willys-Coca-Cola-Gasser-Pickup-p/amt-r2-1145.htm

Gopher (decals) now making pre-wired distributors and wiring components https://www.modelroundup.com/product-p/gr-16011.htm

From Hobby Heaven - https://www.spotlighthobbies.com/new-kits.html Great news! Salvinos Models just secured the license to produce Richard Petty kits, and this '77 Olds Cutlass, coming mid June, is the first of many Petty kits to come. You can order these now, and we'll ship them as soon as they arrive

Workbench: What are we working on


'69 Dodge Charger Daytona and a GMC Astro 95 PHE wrecker. https://public.fotki.com/jkdezan/the_world_of_scale/cars__trucks/by_the_years/1980s/1980/gmc/astro-95/reference/sam5616.html


Moebius Chrysler 300.
Planning a big diorama for the 50th anniversary of the Italian Job. This is the trailer of the original movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0uN32GV1_c

Box Stock: Catching Up

NNL East

Kingston Show https://public.fotki.com/jkdezan/the_world_of_scale/model_contests/kingston_ontario/modelrama-2019/

Heller modern Massey Ferguson RoG Porsche Panamera Revell Baja Broncos Revell Olds FX-3 AMT 78 Dodge pickup AMT1/32 Mack Superliner Fireball resin carbs Revell Ford GT Lemans Revell Porsche Junior tractor AMT 1/32 Fruhauf reefer trailer AMT 1/32 Volvo tractor with reefer trailer

GSL - Link to the winners slide show (Steve A Hobby Heaven) https://public.fotki.com/Lordmodelbuilder/plastic_model_related/gsl-international-s/gsl-xxvii-internati/gsl-logo-2019.html#media

Closing Shoutouts

Peter McDonald's Toss The Sprue 37 from The Lazy Eyed Modeller…. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV5eDIky11uEpp6iAgppL9A


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