Episode 15 - John the Barbarian

In this episode, Justin finds out that John decals like a Barbarian and we discuss some tips and experiences on applying decals to model car kits. We also talk about some new releases in the hobby.

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Revell ‘70 AAR ‘Cuda


AMT Autocar dump truck https://www.modelroundup.com/Autocar-DC-9964-B-Dump-Truck-p/amt-r2-1150.htm

AMT Peterbilt wrecker - Tim Alborn - decals https://www.modelroundup.com/Peterbilt-Wrecker-p/amt-r2-1133.htm

Schwinn Sting Ray Bicycle https://www.modelroundup.com/Schwinn-Sting-Ray-5-Speed-Bicycle-p/mpc-r2-914.htm

John’s Peridot Green Porsche 959

John’s Peridot Green Porsche 959