Episode 16- The Big Squirrel Has Nuts

Episode 16 - Pat Redmond - Building Slumps

Justin and John are joined by friend-of-the-show Pat Redmond to talk about new developments in the model car hobby and discuss how we deal with building slumps.

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News from the hobby

Salvino’s Petty Oldsmobile

Salvinos JR new releases a Petty late 70’s Monte Carlo that will represent the 1980 Nashville winner and a Bobby Allison Buick Regal.

Bobby Allison Regal is the old Monogram tooling they bought. Gatorade #88 will be the markings/sponsor/livery. Just waiting on re-tooled tires for the Gatorade Regal.

Should be early/mid July for those 2 kits.

Moebius 66 Ford Flareside is out.

Also, it seems the Model King Service Truck 65 Ford is now available in a few places.

Canada will now be getting the Revell 68 Chevelle and 69 Boss 302 Mustang. Because of a low production run, we didn’t get them first run.

Indycals is releasing decals for this year’s LeMans Ford GTs car’s 66 through 68.


Interesting thing about those Ford GT LeMans 2017 kits …. The Revell NA has Revell decals in it, the RoG kit has Cartograf decals with more details. Same plastic kit otherwise.

As of this podcast, the #85 Wynns car just won the GT AM class. A couple decal guys have already expressed interest in that car, even BEFORE the win. (follow up note - this may have been disqualified after the race for fueling irregularities)

MPC Godzilla Jeep

Tamiya’s Toyota TS 050 Hybrid now in stores

Meng Ninja H2R - $130 - OUCH in any currency!

New Kits / Boxes from Aoshima What’s with the boring Packaging MGB (chrome and rubber bumpers) - Worst Packaging Ever!

Hasegawa - Rerelease - a little tone deaf? Toyota 2000 GT with 60’s Girl Figure - so much for the last 30 years worth of social progress.

Testor’s Colour Shift Spray Paint

Vallejo Model Wash - Acrylic