Episode 17 - John Surfs the Internet

John and Justin talk about a couple of recent models that Justin picked up and we introduce the Model Car Podcast End of Summer Common Kit Build. We have chosen to build the new Moebius F100 kits (either the Flareside or the Utility Truck) built however you want with a goal of finishing by September 21, 2019. Come and build with us, and share your progress along the way! There may be prizes!

Show Notes:

End of Summer Common Kit Build

Any of the new Moebius F-100 kits - 66’ Flareside, 65 Utility Any way you want it. Share pictures - tag us. We will put up a common kit page on the website with pictures and build details. Deadline: End of Summer - September 21, 2019

Slack Chat

Send us an email - modelcarpodcast@gmail.com


Use the hastag #askMCP or email us any questions for the show.

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