Episode 19 - Pat’s Back: The Extended Remix

Friend of the show, Pat Redmond is back. We talked model news, Justin gives his opinion on his first JR Salvinos kit, we talk about progress on our End of Summer Builds, and discuss researching model subjects.

News from the hobby

AMT1923 Model T Roadster rerelease https://www.autoworldstore.com/product-p/amt1130.htm

JR Salvinos kit review -

Buddy Baker 1978 Chevrolet ® Monte Carlo | Salvinos JR Models

Pat’s Salvinos talk.

July 3rd marked the 1 year mark since their FIRST release, the Buddy Baker Gray Ghost.

Salvinos JR’s latest release is a Richard Petty/ STP Monte Carlo based on their existing late 70’s Monte Carlo tooling.


They are also progressing with work on the 1973/74 Dodge Charger. Richard Petty will be the first release on that AND continued progress on a styrene body of the late 80’s Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2. Not sure yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Petty decals there as well. Rusty Wallace’s first NASCAR win was in one of these 2+2’s



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