Episode 01 - Fit and Finish

Model Car Podcast - Episode 01

Section:  Fresh Paint  news from the hobby

Hobbico Bankruptcy

Revell 69 Chevelle

Moebius Models Sale

Section:  Workbench - what are we working on now

Section:  Box Stock - Fit and Finish

  • While lots of attention is paid to the perfect paint job, but many builds have problems with basic fit and finish. We discuss common problems:

  1. Seams

  2. Glue Marks

  3. Bad Fitting Glass

  4. Ill fitting hoods (especially with too much paint)

  5. Raised wheels

  6. Chassis that don’t fit (clearance issues)

  7. Engines that are too high

  8. High rider suspensions

  9. Sprue marks

  10. Damaged chrome

  11. Missing panel lines

Section:  Q&A

  • Send your questions to us: modelcarpodcast@gmail.com

Section:  Closing Shoutouts

  • Tom Carter at Spotlight Hobbies - for the model message board that John and I met on.


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