Episode 02 - Painting Basics

Episode 002 - Paint Basics

Section:  Fresh Paint  news from the hobby

New Revell 1968 Chevelle (Bill Geary’s Photos)

New Revel 1969 Ford Mustang (Bill Geary’s Photos)


Elm Street Hobbies:  https://www.elmcityhobbies.com/shop/

Section:  Box Stock - Painting Basics:

3 types of paint:

  • Acrylic

  • Enamel

  • Lacquer

  • Urethanes (auto paint) and other specialty paints

  • Can be layered LEA

  • Primers

  • Colour Coats (metailic vs non-met)

  • Clear Coats

Safety precautions - paints can be very dangerous. Please read the printed instructions and refer to the maunfacturer’s websites for specific precautions.

Popular brands:

  • Tamiya

  • Testors / Model Master

  • Humbrol


  • Tips and techniques

  • Thinning / washes

  • Detailing

  • Avoiding brush strokes

Spray Cans

  • Tips and techniques

  • Heating the cans?  Safety precaution!

  • Ventilation

  • Holding the models to avoid fingerprints

  • Spray patterns

  • Layers

  • Cleanup

Section:  Closing Shoutouts

Thank you to people who have reached out and liked the page.  Special thanks to:

Peter McDonald

Lazy Eyed Modeler - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV5eDIky11uEpp6iAgppL9A

John Pol



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