Episode 04 - Sanding and Polishing


What is polishing?

  • Why sanding and polishing
  • Wet sanding
  • Chemical polishes



* wet / dry
* grits
* micromesh
* sanding pads
* sanding sticks

Polishing Compounds

* Novus
* Mequires
* Tamiya
* Other Auto Products
* Systems?


* Preferences
* Soft cotton
* microfibre (can tire)
* make sure clean
* washing vs disposing?

Prep / Intermediate Costs

* What is the process?
* Sand primer coats (what grit I use 2000)
* Always use wet
* Sand intermediate paint coats
    * Both metallic and regular paint
    * Very softly for metaliic?
* Do not sand finish coats of metallic paint or intermediate coats of clear unless gently fixing small blemishes and dust spots


* Process
    * Wet sand - use warm water and soap
    * Sand in different direction for each different grit
    * Tape off sharp corners / trim pieces to avoid burnthrough
    * Knock off all shine in the paint before moving on to the next higher grit.
    * When sanding complete, what products do you use?
        * JT - Novus 2 -> Novus 1
* Waxes and Finishes?


* cutting through paint  from oversanding


* What steps can be skipped for a quicker build?

Section: Q&A

hct728(Bob) - How about painting, e.g. the Norbie method as applied to acrylic (water-based), enamel or lacquer paint, and suggested thinners, proportions, time before recoat (one minute, five minutes...), drying hints…

hct728(Bob) - How about finished paint polishing products and methods, removing dust and fuzz..

Section: Closing Shoutouts

Pat Redmond - A short review on the previous show, give us rattlecan/auto paint guys a bit of attention (LOL), ..... just keep on doing what you're doing...... NM

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